Personal Information :

Name, Ryan Oomen
Date Of Birth, 08-04-1991
Place Of Birth, Breda
Nationality, Dutch
Sex, Male
Driver licenses; AM, B


Education :

Bachelor Philosophy 
Tilburg University, Tilburg [graduated with distinction 2020] [winner of the bachelor thesis prize 2020 awarded by the philosophy department]

Bachelor Communication 
International Events, Music & Entertainment studies

Fontys Academy For Creative Industries, Tilburg [graduated 2017] 

Minor Philosophy & Ethics 
Fontys Hogescholen, Tilburg [completed 2015] 

Vocational Secondary Education Audiovisual Techniques 
Zoomvliet College, Bergen Op Zoom [graduated 2011] 

General Secondary Education Certification 
Mencia Sandrode, Zundert [graduated 2007] 

Internships :

Allround Cooperator 
IDFX - BUT Film Festival (B-movie, Underground & Trash) 

Breda [June 2015 - August 2016] 

Public Relations 
Popcentrale - Music Venue and Educational Organisation 
Energiehuis, Dordrecht [August 2013 - January 2014] 

Part-time jobs :

Chasse Cinema Breda -
 [June 2016 - current] 


Programmer & Public Relations 
IDFX - BUT Film Festival (B-movie, Underground & Trash) 

Breda [currently] 

Projects :

10-2020  Music video Pene Corrida "FCK 2020” (camera)

01-2020  Music video Pene Corrida "Just Dance” (produced, camera, directed, edited)

11-2019  Music video Pene Corrida "Simarik” (produced, written, camera, directed, edited)

08-2018  Music video Pene Corrida "In My Feelings” (directed, camera & edited)

11-2017  Music video Pene Corrida "Op Me Monnie” (directed, camera & edited)

05-2017  Music video Pene Corrida "Captain Jack” (camera & edited)

04-2017  Music video Obese "Dunderhead” (produced, written, directed, camera & edited)

12-2016  Music video Pene Corrida "Let It Go” (produced, written, directed, edited)

10-2016  Music video Pene Corrida "Freestyler” (produced, directed, camera & edited)

11-2015  Music video Pene Corrida "Hello” (produced, directed, co-filmed & co-edited)

05-2015  Music video Rydacross "Cooking In The Cancer Kitchen” (produced, written, directed and edited)

03-2015  Music video Pene Corrida "Dangerous” (production supervisor, co-directed, camera)

02-2015  Music video Pene Corrida "A Thousand Miles” (camera)

05-2014  Music video Pene Corrida “Maria” (produced, written, directed and edited)

10-2012  Music video Combined Fragments “Bros Before Hoes” (produced, directed and edited)
In assignment of Popunie

12-2011  Music video When All Light Dies “Guide You Down” (produced, directed and edited)

07-2011  Music video Praise The Hero “Party Song” (produced, written and directed)

10-2010  Music video Praise The Hero “Bedtime Stories” (produced, written and directed)

10-2010  Live Registration Anton Van Doornmalen “Glücklich sein” (director assistant)
In assignment of 

08-2010  Documentary “Man Van La Mancha” (camera, directed, edited)
In assignment of Theater De Wegwijzer & Kees Meijer

07-2009  Music video Roger van Meer “Still lovin’ you” (written and directed)
Produced by: John Huijbregts

08-2009 Live Registration Funeral Richard Janse (handheld camera operator)
In assignment of
Shots were used for broadcast by Omroep Brabant, Brabant Nieuws 04-08-2009


Film Festivals :

BUT Film Festival 2015 ''Cooking In The Cancer Kitchen" [selected] 
(produced, written and directed +acting)

Online Dutch Film Festival 2011 PartySong [selected]
(produced, written and directed)

Delta Shorts 2009 “Bang Voor Bramen [selected]
(produced, written and directed +acting)

Delta Shorts 2008 “Chasing Dogs [selected]
(directed +acting)